Activeyes Survey

Congratulations on being selected to receive a FREE Activeyes Business Health Scan!

The Business Health Scan comprises 50 questions designed to understand how your business is equipped to compete in today’s competitive optical market.

You will need to set aside 1-2 hours to complete the questionnaire and we suggest first reading through the questions to understand what information and data you will need to gather.

Don’t worry if you start to complete the Business Health Scan and are then called away to deal with customers or staff. Simply save the form and return to it when you have time.

We treat all information in strict confidence and aim to send you a Business Health Scan report within 7 working days of receiving your completed questionnaire.

1. How would you like patients to view your practice?
2. How do you believe your patients view your practice?
3. Marketing spend last year?
4. Number of eye exams last week (excluding re-tests, C/L fits & checks)?
6. Number of contact lens fittings last week?
7. Number of re-tests and contact lens checks last week?
8. Number of spectacle sales (pairs dispensed) last week?
9. Which Practice Management System do you use? When was this implemented?
10. Do you glaze onsite?
11. Do you use remote edging?
12. Total sales (exc VAT) - 2016
13. Gross margin – 2016
14. Net Profit – 2016
15. Total sales (exc VAT) - 2015
16. Gross margin – 2015
17. Net Profit - 2015
18. Total sales (exc VAT) - 2014
19. Gross margin – 2014
20. Net Profit – 2014
21. Best selling varifocal lens?
22. Retail price (per pair) of best-selling varifocal lens?
23. Cost price (net, per pair) of best-selling varifocal lens?
24. Best-selling single vision lens?
25. Retail price (per pair) of best-selling single vision lens?
26. Cost price (net, per pair) of best-selling single vision lens?
27. With which lens supplier did you make the greatest spend last year?
28. Supplier Benefits - Lenses
29. With which frame supplier did you make the greatest spend last year?
30. Supplier Benefits - Frames
31. With which contact lens supplier did you make the greatest spend last year?
32. Supplier Benefits - Contact Lenses
33. Number of frames in stock?
34. Number of frames on display?
35. Number of brands on display?
36. Number of ladies frames on display?
37. Pricing strategy
38. Standard eye examination fee?
39. Advanced eye examination fee?
40. Revenue from specialist services (e.g. sports vision, school vision, colorimetry) last week?
41. Competitors
42. Local market share
43. Recalls and Reminders
44. Customer Feedback
45. Key team member(s)
46. Please tell us about your staff meetings
47. On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how stressful is running the business?
48. What are your goals for the practice?
49. What is your biggest headache in the practice?
50. What additional information would you like to share?