As an independent business owner, and having worked with, and supported, independents opticians for most of my career, it is always a thrill to discover fully differentiated retail concepts.

I trekked across to Precision Imaging in Kings Heath in Birmingham yesterday, to collect framed prints for Activeyes’ sister business, ActivePix (

During my visit (and being overdue a trim of my few remaining hairs), I stumbled upon a truly amazing barber shop, one of the most exciting retail concepts I have seen for many years.

Something for the Weekend can best be described as a (circa late ’60’s/early ’70’s) time capsule. Austin Powers-esque owner Joey Smith looks as though he’s just arrived from Carnaby Street and his passion for the look, sounds, fashion and ‘vibe’ of the period is infectious.

Attention to detail throughout the shop would be a credit to any Hollywood period drama movie set. Furniture, equipment and decor are all authentic, right down to cups, saucers and jars I recall my parents owning during my childhood.

Magazines and football programmes from the era adorn the waiting area coffee table and music ranging from Led Zep to Motown adds to the ambience, played from a variety of original machines – including a reel to reel tape deck..

Oh, great haircut too!

At a time of high street homogenisation, it was heart-warming to see that concept innovation and execution are still evident!

Would a first-time visitor to your practice feel the same enthusiasm I had yesterday?


Photo by Something for The Weekend.
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