These days, if you are concerned about your current or future health, you may decide to have a predictive medical examination and scan.

At Activeyes, we believe the same approach is required for businesses.

The Business Health Scan allows Activeyes to take a 360 degree view of your practice, highlighting areas in which your business is fighting fit – and those aspects requiring a little time in the gym!

The Business Health Scan will indicate which areas of your business offer opportunities for growth.

To complete the Activeyes Business Health Scan, you’ll need to answer 50 questions.  Some of these might require you to gather some data, but don’t worry, the questionnaire can be saved for later completion.

Once we receive your completed Business Health Scan questionnaire, we’ll aim to send you a Business Health Report within 7 working days.  This report will identify areas of weakness within the practice and, more importantly suggest how the business could be strengthened.

The cost of each Business Health Scan and Report is usually £190 (+VAT) but for a limited period, we are offering practice owners a FREE Business Health Scan!

However, due to the time taken to interpret the information within each Business Health Scan, this unique offer is only open to 10 practice owners per month.

To apply for a FREE Business Health Scan and Report, please complete the application form below.  If you are selected for a FREE Business Health Scan, you will receive a link to your personalised questionnaire.  Please note we may contact you to verify you are the owner of an independent practice.


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If you have already been invited to complete the Business Health Scan, please click on the icon below to access the questionnaire. You’ll need your username and password to login.

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