Professional Lens Prescribing (PLP) is a programme created to improve sales of premium ophthalmic lenses and coatings in independent practices.

Managing Director Nick Browning possesses a wealth of experience in devising, launching and managing sales transformation initiatives, including Essilor’s Optometrist Led Recommendations (OLR) programme.

Nick has drawn upon this experience to develop a new sales transformation programme.

PLP’s training and system ensures:

  • A consistent, effective handover of all patients
  • Improved conversion rates
  • All customers purchase the best lenses possible, within their budget
  • A bespoke dispensing experience
  • Improved sales of additional pairs
  • Dovetailing of internal and external marketing

The PLP programme will be tailored to the way your business works and can be used with any manufacturer’s lens portfolio.

To request a call to discuss how PLP would benefit your practice, please send us your details here