Every bespoke business plan Activeyes constructs for a client follows full analysis of the practice and focuses on 3 key areas:

  1. Financials – all elements of sales and expenses
  2. People – your practice team and your customers
  3. Operations – systems, processes, management and control

We apply the Activeyes ‘PRISM Principle’ to all our plans, ensuring that our work meets the following criteria:

P = Profitable

Entrepreneurs, including practice owners, venture into commerce for a variety of reasons but the primary purpose of a business is always to generate a profit.  The maxim ‘Sales are for vanity, profit for sanity’ has never been more apt than now, when practice margins are under immense pressure.

Every Activeyes PRISM Plan assesses the current breakdown of all sales and expenses, identifies opportunities and creates a full Profit & Loss projection, against which the practice’s performance will be monitored.

R = Realistic

We believe our plans should be practical and achievable.  Activeyes is not interested in selling you marketing services and pie-in-the-sky sales growth. We will agree an improvement in your practice’s KPI’s based on simple, realistic actions and results.

I = Inclusive

Wherever your practice is located and regardless of your positioning and clientele, your greatest asset is your team.  Integral to the success of your business is the buy-in and contribution of your people.  We’ll show you how to obtain unprecedented levels of engagement from your staff in achievement of your plan.  Furthermore, your PRISM Plan will include your personal ambition for the business.

S = Supported

Simply keeping an independent practice afloat in these extraordinarily tough times is hard enough.  Implementing a new plan, with its significant changes to the status quo could be overwhelming.  That’s why Activeyes is there to hand-hold you through delivery of your PRISM Plan’s actions.

M = Measured

World class businesses have clear plans and execute these impeccably through constant measurement and, where necessary, adjustment to planning or actions.  All Activeyes PRISM Plans include a monthly phone/Skype call during which measurement of progress against our plan is assessed.