Why Activeyes?

During the course of more than a quarter century working within both multiple and independent sectors, I have seen one trait common to the vast majority of practitioners: they are genuinely passionate about, and skilled in, providing exceptional levels of clinical care.

However, in the main, clinicians with entrepreneurial aspirations have not had the time or opportunity to develop the expertise required to optimise the running and profitability of their practices.

For Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians entering joint venture or franchise arrangements with the multiple groups, comprehensive back office systems and support are provided. In recent years, new groups have appeared, offering a hybrid model in which centralised support is coupled with, from the consumer’s perspective, an independent ‘front end’.

But for ECP’s intent upon remaining fully independent and autonomous, support, guidance, inspiration and support is hard to find. Consultancies do exist within the UK optical market but these tend to focus upon a very narrow area of support – usually marketing.

Activeyes is different.  We perform a full appraisal of your practice before proposing and agreeing a practical, achievable and action-oriented PRISM Pathway which we will fully support you in implementing.

Whether your priority is maximising profit, better utilisation of your team, streamlining back office tasks, reduction of stress or freeing up time to devote to family or hobbies, Activeyes will work with you to make those dreams a reality.  Our goal is to transform your business and, in doing so, change your life!

Nick Browning

Managing Director